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Having trained dozens of appraisers throughout the years (and some still working with the company) and performing tens of thousands of appraisals and reviews, he has seen his share of ups and downs of the real estate market. With inspecting all of these homes, Scott has for a keen eye of identifying the small nuances and attributes of a home that associate with value. Zots Appraisal services is a thriving “multi appraiser” firm perming all types of appraisals such as 1-4 family homes, condominiums, co-ops as well as ARV (after repaired value) analysis for investor potential properties.

Zots performs Conventional, HUD/FHA, VA and private appraisals throughout the northern and Central NJ area for a multitude of clients whether Banks directly, Appraisal Management Companies, Attorneys, Accountants and private people alike.

Since 1993 Scott has also controlled/invested in approximately 15 million dollars in Real Estate assets. This would consist of buying, fixing and “flipping“ as well as creating a healthy portfolio of rental properties. This experience and plus his background in the appraisal industry had made him an expert in the nuances in the larger real estate markets as well as the smaller niche type “sub markets” throughout the state. ZOTS has performed extensive property analysis for investors when they are “sizing” up the purchase of a new investment property.

The Zots brand has been synonymous with great Customer Service, Quality and Speed for decades.

Branching out into the Home Inspections, Scott has brought the same great customer service and quality with him. Zots Home Inspection has a few “select” home inspectors that service the Northern and Central NJ Area. Creating a knowledge network between customers, realtors and attorneys,

Zots provides quality information that can be trusted for making a sound decision when buying one of the largest investments of your life, a home.

Welcome to Zots Properties!

Zots Properties has been created as the larger umbrella company having Zots Appraisal Services, Zots Home inspections and Zots Investments all working concurrently and independent of each other. With an amazing and talented crew, we are able and humble to say that Zots has a large part in many if real estate transactions in Northern and Central NJ whether through the appraisal process or home inspections. Than you all who make it possible!

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