ZOTS Investments has been involved in the real estate industry since 1993 when they acquired their first 3 family home in Newark. Soon after, it was another home on Hawthorne Avenue in Newark and then another in Passaic. Being in the Appraisal Industry since 1993, they have the “Inside Track” on the Real Estate market, ARV homes (After Repaired) and the ever so important housing trends. With this knowledge, ZOTS has acquired single family and multi-family homes for decades. Some of the multi-family homes remain in their portfolio while the single family homes are “Totally Renovated” and sold to very happy customers.

Creating this hub of knowledge and quality homes, many have worked with ZOTS to find the perfect dream home!

With 30 years in the Real Estate Industry, ZOTS will continue to provide the public with the quality home they deserve and for the “right” price.

If you are interested in selling your home (for cash) and/or interested in buying a home, please contact us!

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